The law can seem complicated and overwhelming at times.  We, at Camille M. Quinn P.C., assist people in creating estate plans tailored to their lives.  We also assist families navigate the maze known as Probate.   We are often an educational resource in other areas.
From time to time, we may hear terms that we do not fully understand, yet fail to investigate.  Think about it….. most people may only face these issues once in a lifetime, and don’t think about it unless they have to, so that makes it virtually unthinkable that you would know what to do.

I am frequently asked questions such as:

  • Who can make health care decisions for me if i can’t make them for myself?
  • But… Dad had a will, so his estate won’t have to go through probate, right?”  
  • Mom passed away 6 months ago, and I just found this bank account, I have power of attorney for her, can’t I just go to the bank and close the account?” 
  • I don’t have enough money to need a trust, those are just for rich people, right?” 
  • What is “probate”?
  • What exactly does a power of attorney do?
  • My “executor”? has to be a family member or a relative, doesn’t it?
  • I have Power of Attorney for my deceased brother, can’t I get his money out of his bank account?

These are not simple questions and all of these deserve comprehensive answers. 

As you peruse our website, I invite you to find the answers you seek.  If you don’t see an answer, please use the “Contact Us” button to send a message asking that question.  We are happy to answer questions of a general legal nature anytime.    You may bring something to my attention that should be on the website or that you would like to see discussed in the Blog. 

I am hopeful that this website can serve as a resource for anyone searching for information.

Camille M. Quinn