Camille M. Quinn, a lifelong Tulsan, has been in business in the Tulsa area since 1989.  Camille’s experience is extensive, with an emphasis on business planning, estate planning, tax planning, and probate law.  Additionally, Camille earned securities licenses, which are no longer active and insurance licenses, in order to offer a comprehensive knowledge base for her clients.  

Camille’s experience as an attorney is broad.  Recognizing that no two clients have identical situations, Camille examines each set of circumstances and effectively creates plans to address the needs identified.  During her 30+ years of practice, Camille has assisted clients in simple estate and financial planning, created business frameworks, merged existing businesses, established strategic partnerships, completed succession planning for existing businesses, and an array of other legal solutions.

Camille has the knowledge and experience to effectively assist you in positioning resources in an effort to manage your fiscal and legal liability.