Estate Planning

Estate planning is a term often casually kicked around.  However, estate plans should be the result of a collaborative process that involves thoughtful, comprehensive planning and results in documents that accurately reflect one’s needs and wishes and which will survive the death of the individual. 

Appropriate plans have lasting financial and emotional consequences to the people who matter most to the deceased.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon each individual to carefully consider all aspects and potential outcomes of his or her plan. 

In addition to providing for the intended distribution of property upon death, a number of other considerations must be involved in estate planning.  Creating a legacy, the care of minor children, anticipated health and long term care needs, care of pets, organ donation, and funeral and burial arrangements are a few common concerns. 

Each estate plan is different, just as our thoughts and wishes vary widely among all of us.  Our job at the Law Firm of Camille M. Quinn to partner with clients to craft a plan that meets not only their current wishes, but moreover, the long term needs of each client.

Because of the uncertainties life is sure to hand us, we are ready to help when you get one of those inevitable “curveballs” you are sure to face.

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