Personal Financial Assistance

Because Camille has years of experience assisting clients with their financial matters, whether the question is “should I retire?”  “Do I have enough money?”, or “What should I do with this money I just inherited?” she is always willing to pitch in to help with your situation, just…..
Ask Camille…


Camille earned her Series 6, 7 and 63 securities licenses and her life insurance license in 2000 and has, since, advised hundreds of clients in matters regarding their finances.  

Exacting Skills

The landscape sometimes seems littered with “experts” ready to give you a “free dinner” (remember when your mother told you there is no such thing?). They will tell you all of the things you should be afraid of and why you are really missing the boat unless you should place your money with their firm.

​How do you know whether others really have your best interest at heart, or if they are just trying to make a fat fee off of your money?

Is this the right investment for me?”  “What are the costs?”  “What are the risks?”  “Does it really meet my needs?”  “Is this opportunity suitable for me?”

Because, it is your money.   Camille doesn’t have
“a dog in the race”,  it’s all for you.    


Because Camille also worked as a stock broker and a financial adviser, for a number of years, she has assisted a number of clients in making decisions about how to best position assets to maximize their retirement income.  

Camille enjoys “looking over the client’s shoulder” to help them walk through potential employment termination packages. She understands that being displaced or recently retired can cause anxiety about the future.  Camille will listen to employees attempting to evaluate their alternatives and try to help them understand the choices, as well as listening as they decide what alternative is most suitable and will meet their unique needs.  

​Similarly, when clients inherit money, they can feel paralyzed by not knowing “what do I do now?”.                          
​                   Camille is here to help, just ask! 


Camille is happy to sit with you and look with you at the  the options in front of you, and realistically assess the pros and the cons of your situation listen as you come to a conclusion that feels right to you..